Frequently asked questions is the legal marketplace that changes the way internal teams find, mandate and manage external legal advisors. Below we explain the five most important aspects you should be aware of when starting on our platform. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

1. Services

Q: Which services does provide? offers the following services for intern legal teams and companies:Projects
Gain fast and individualized access to experienced legal experts through technology for specific projects, transactions, local expertise or litigation. For example you can find a corporate lawyer for the preparation of a stockholders' meeting, a local rental expert for a real estate lawsuit in Munich or specialised litigators for a case in Hamburg on our platform.
PeopleContact our lawyers in case of permanent lack of internal capacities or temporary needs. For example, you can hire a commercial lawyer for 20 hours a week to assist you with the revision of contracts.

Q: What services does not provide? is not an independent law firm and does not provide its own legal services. Through, only the mediation to specialized, independent lawyers from a selected network takes place.

2. Process

Q: How can I start?

Send your request to under START TENDER. We will then send you an individual proposal with selected lawyers who meet your requirements.

Q: How do I mandate a lawyer?

Once we have sent you a list of suitable attorneys, you can select your preferred attorneys and arrange interviews directly through our dashboard.

After the interviews, you will receive a formal offer, which will be emailed to you.

Due to the high degree of specialization of our lawyers, it is possible to quote a fixed price for the services offered, as the lawyers already have experience with similar projects. In the case of legal representation, at least the legal fee is always due.

If you accept the offer, the lawyer will be notified and will receive your contact details from us. You will then be contacted directly by your lawyer and will receive the mandate agreement.

You can then control the further coordination of the project via the dashboard.

3. Invoice

Q: Wie funktioniert die Rechnungsstellung? customers receive a fixed price for projects initiated and realized on our platform. The price consists of the lawyer's fees and the infrastructure fee of

For successfully completed projects, you will receive an invoice from your lawyer via your Project Dashboard. You will be notified by email when an invoice is received. Payment is due within 14 days, can be made by credit card or other payment processing software to your bank.

In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

4. Our Lawyers

Q: Who are Top.Legal lawyers?

Before lawyers join our network, we examine their person and career. Our lawyers have worked in renowned companies and law firms and have a wealth of professional experience. We use our strong German network for peer recommendations, which we combine with continuous feedback from our clients. In this way, we provide you with specialized services of the highest quality.