No overview of what's in your contracts? Make use of the power of AI

Contracts are essential, but analysing them can be an obstacle. Traditional contract review is often very time-consuming and prone to errors. How can companies overcome these challenges? The answer lies in artificial intelligence (AI).

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Are you struggling with the following contract review challenge?

Traditional contract review can be a tedious and error-prone task that often takes a lot of time and ties up valuable resources.

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A lot of time
Traditional contract review can take hours, if not days, particularly for complex or extensive documents. This process ties up valuable resources and slows down business transactions.
High error rate
Human review can overlook, misunderstand, or misinterpret, which can lead to costly errors and extended review times, particularly when it comes to large contract documents.

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Speeding up contract analysis with AI

Increased efficiency

Using AI in contract analysis, companies can speed up the contract review process. Software scans and analyses thousands of contract pages in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing turnaround time.

Accuracy and consistency

AI systems identify patterns and anomalies in contract data, offer a high level of accuracy in identifying risks and opportunities that are hidden in contracts, and thus improve the quality of the data.

Cost reduction

By automating the contract review process, companies can save costs and use resources more efficiently, which significantly reduces administrative costs.

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Case Study

Case study: The change

Faster discovery of contracts

By switching from a simple filing system based on initial letters to a sophisticated AI-supported contract system, ID was able to radically improve its contract management and structure it efficiently. Contracts can now be found and assigned quickly, which significantly speeds up business processes.

Easy access to contract data

The AI-supported contract analysis enabled an in-depth evaluation of contract data. This not only brought structure to contract administration, but also enabled an efficient search and analysis of the information contained in the contracts. Relevant data can now be quickly found and used for business decisions, which opens up a new level of information acquisition and use.


Your path to efficient contract management

Investing in the future

Investing in AI-powered contract analysis tools is a wise decision for companies that are modernizing their contract management and looking for a solution to the challenges of traditional contract analysis.

Discover's contract analysis services

Key parameter extraction

Identify the key parameters of your contracts that should be extracted to provide a clear overview and in-depth analysis.

Clause recognition

Recognize and understand the clauses used in your contracts to minimize risks and optimize contract drafting.

AI training

Train AI on your specific contract data to enable the discovery and analysis of additional data sets within your contracts.

Compliance review

Use AI-supported contract analysis to verify and ensure compliance with legal and internal corporate requirements.

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Your workflow for efficient AI-supported contract analysis

Discover a structured and efficient workflow to take full advantage of AI-powered contract analysis. With clearly defined steps, we enable a smooth integration of AI analysis into your contract review process.

1. Definition of criteria

The first step is to define the specific information that is to be extracted from the contracts. This forms the basis for the subsequent analysis and adjustment of the AI models.

2. Create playbooks

You then create playbooks that define the relevant variables and criteria. These playbooks serve as a guide for AI to correctly identify and extract the desired information.

3. Training the AI models

The AI models are now trained with the defined variables. Through training, AI learns to extract the relevant information from contract documents efficiently and precisely.

4. Upload and analysis of contracts

You then create playbooks that define the relevant variables and criteria. These playbooks serve as a guide for AI to correctly identify and extract the desired information.

5. Working with contracts

Finally, use powerful filter functions to search, evaluate and quickly find your contracts. With the knowledge gained, you can manage your contracts efficiently and make well-founded decisions.