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Revolutionize Your Negotiations with Parallel Document Processing

The dealroom brings the proven principle of shared folders for effective, parallel negotiations

The endless search for documents and various versions often becomes a nightmare

Transactions are becoming increasingly complex and often require more than one document. Managers must not lose track of things when they switch between internal comments and changes from different interest groups in multiple documents.

  • All documents in one place

    All documents are easily available to all contracting parties in one place and at any time

  • Easy to switch between documents

    Contracting parties can switch between all documents provided in the dealroom with one click.

  • Contracts in corporate design

    All documents created via are always kept in their layout and corporate design

f the dealroom, focussing on the table of contents section
f the dealroom, showing the entire dealroom and the sidebar showing the other available documents

Clear and structured documentation of your deal with

Instead of rummaging through endless folders and emails to find the right documents, a dealroom stores all relevant documents in one place. This saves you valuable time. Further documents can be uploaded by all parties involved at any time.

  • External documents can be easily uploaded

    If you need further documents and/or attachments to conclude a deal, they can be easily uploaded to the dealroom with a click of the mouse

  • All systems in one place

    All equipment for the deal can simply be provided via the dealroom.

Internal negotiations and comments remain internal

Would you like to coordinate internally first and do you want to avoid your internal comments loading on the other side despite all caution? Thanks to the function for real-time internal collaboration, you can sleep peacefully. The internal coordination process and internal comments always stay where they should be.

  • Internal comments remain internal

    Internal comments are not played out to the other side, so you can vote internally directly via the platform without worry

  • External exchange

    External comments are also possible if you don't want to refrain from sharing your thoughts with the external party.

f the dealroom, focussing on the table of contents section
illustration of the dealroom

External negotiations - Negotiate like a pro supports external negotiations with your customers, partners or other third parties. All parties work centrally on the same document and tedious version comparisons are no longer necessary. All changes are marked and explanations make difficult sections easier. This will help you get your degree faster.

  • Mark-up Redline has never been easier

    Mark-ups are possible directly from the document. A change without visibility is also excluded, so that you can sign contracts without extensive document comparison.

  • Versioning and change history directly available

    A change history is always available via the document so that you can see at any time which changes have been accepted or rejected in the past


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Our contract software is designed for simplicity, which means you spend less time managing, drafting, and negotiating contracts
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Secure platform with granular user rights for negotiating confidential documents
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Collaborate with multiple people and parties in real time
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Clear separation between internal and external negotiations
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Simple and user-friendly interface for quick contract signing
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Legal Certainty

Secure storage of all your documents and audit trial for negotiations

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