Overcome data silos and duplication with integrations

Smart integrations for seamless contract processes

Data silos cost time, money and nerves. Avoid multiple entries and protect sensitive data — with the intelligent integrations from Our solutions seamlessly connect your sales and contract processes, automate the flow of data and ensure the highest data protection standards.

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Data silos

The problem of data silos

Every data silo is a brake block for the flow of information in your company. We can help you break down these barriers:

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No more isolated data storage

Centralize information and eliminate information gaps

Consistent data consistency

Synchronize your CRM and ERP systems directly with contract software.

Direct data access for teams

Give your teams secure and direct access to the information they need without expensive and risky multiple systems.

multiple inputs

Eliminate duplicate entries in the contract process

Double data entry is not only inefficient but also prone to errors. Our integrations reduce risk and free up resources
Automation instead of manual work
Automatically transfer customer data to contract documents.
Save time and reduce errors
Minimize manual intervention and maximize data quality.
Increasing efficiency across the company
Let teams do what they do best—without annoying administrative hurdles.
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Data protection

Data protection-compliant integration

Data protection is not an obstacle, but a sign of quality. Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and secure

Confidentiality as a priority

We guarantee that your data is protected and handled in accordance with compliance

Controlled access

Control exactly who has access to which data

Safe data, secure processes

Rely on a platform that focuses on data protection

Data protection

Data protection-compliant integration

Data protection is not an obstacle, but a sign of quality. Our solutions are GDPR-compliant and secure

A marketplace that continues to grow

Our solutions are constantly evolving to meet your needs

Tailored connections

Connect your favorite tools and systems quickly and easily.

Support from A to Z

Benefit from our comprehensive support throughout the integration process

Integrations that transform your contract process

At, we know that the smooth integration of third-party tools into your legal tech solution is critical to your company's efficiency. That's why we've developed a number of key integrations that simplify and speed up the contract process:

Digital signatures made easy


Connect seamlessly with Skribble to increase the efficiency and legal compliance of your contract signatures.

Adobe Sign

Integrate Adobe Sign directly into your workflow to streamline the signing process

CRM systems — sales and law go hand in hand


By connecting with HubSpot, sales teams can fill out contract templates directly in CRM


Use the power of Salesforce together with to manage your contract data directly in Salesforce.

Microsoft Dynamics

With this connection, your data is always up to date and access contract-relevant information is possible directly in CRM

Please contact us! We develop custom integrations that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Because we know the problems with existing software and provide the solutions

Practical integrations

We solve real challenges with intelligent, targeted integrations

Cost and time savings

We help you work more efficiently while reducing costs.

Partnership on equal footing

We see ourselves as partners in the digital transformation of your legal sector
Say goodbye to inefficient processes and be part of a new era of legal tech integration. Contact and see how we transform your contract management.