Automate your contract processes.

Simplify, accelerate, and scale your contract processes across the organization with our no-code automation software.

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Playbook editor
Create templates

Easily map complex contracts

Use the contracts scanned in the first step and add logics and input fields to the contracts using a simple drag-and-drop function

Input Fields

Easily add input fields to the appropriate place in the contract, even in several places, if necessary


Define several options in the contract text that are consistent in the overall document


Include references throughout the document. These are always up to date and no longer have to be updated manually if something changes in the document.

Help texts

Use the option to display practical tips and help texts and enable non-legally trained personnel to use your templates efficiently

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“With, we can automatically digitize our current contracts and convert them into easy-to-use templates that we can use across the company. This allows us to save costs and significantly reduce the legal risk caused by faulty contracts.”

Head of Legal Department, Automotive Supplier



Establishing standards brings coherence, relieves the burden on the legal department or external lawyers and saves you headaches when it comes to later contract and risk management.

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Scenario-based design
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Scalable standards
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Playbook rights page
Empower employees

Share your templates easily and securely within your company

An efficient and simple user management system allows you to share your document templates within your company.

Reading rights

Assign reading rights in your company to employees who can use your template to create contracts

Writing rights

Allocate writing rights to selected employees who should help you update the template

Expert opinion

Share your contracts with selected external experts who will help you create them

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Empower your stakeholders.

Speed up contract processing for your non-lawyers in sales and HR by providing self-explanatory contract playbooks.

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Use contract templates created once throughout the company

Curated contract templates reduce workload and legal risks

Simple structure

Employees who are not legally trained can use contracts based on templates developed by you in their daily business

Secure contract filing

Once contracts have been adjusted to the situation, they can be saved and edited again at any time

Contracts in corporate design

Completed contracts can be downloaded and displayed in Word and Pdf at any time

Playbook overview section
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A knowledge system that also learns.

Organize clauses with tags, risk weights, and labels, comment on changes, and draw on previous precedents to transfer knowledge within your team.

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Clause search
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Shared best practices
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No-Code Editor

Design. automates and scales contracts.

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Dynamic contract assistant

Guide your employees through contract creation with questions, explanations, audio, and video messages.

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Scenario-based contract drafts

Automatically draft contracts according to your own legal or business logic.

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Smart input fields

Create input fields and define question types with comments to create input fields faster.

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No-Code Playbook Editor

An advanced no-code editor that allows you to create logics and dependent automations on the basis of which contracts are dynamically created.

SAFETY in focus

We treat your information as strictly confidential, in accordance with both our GTC and legal requirements.

Your data is stored securely on servers
in Germany


and increase the value of your business relationships.

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Communicate, edit, and approve in a way your team and customers will love.


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Unlock the potential of contract data through contract analysis and integrations.


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Automatizing negotiations

Your Advantages

Negotiations are the basis for your long-term business success. Exploit this potential with negotiation software.

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Collaborate across teams
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Integration of legal expertise
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Escalation and approval rules
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Full transparency on the progress of negotiations
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Complete Documentation
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Decentralized decision
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Quick start of negotiations with forms
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Inheritance logic
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Fallback clauses
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The solution that can be easily implemented.

How are contract playbooks created?

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How quickly can the software be implemented in the company?

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Does provide support at the beginning?

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How does the electronic signature work?

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Find out how increases the efficiency of your company.

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