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Efficient, secure and legally valid: The benefits of electronic signatures for your contract process

Welcome to our category for electronic signature solutions. This is all about the benefits and possibilities of digital signature technology. Discover how electronic signatures can speed up the contract process, increase efficiency, and improve security. We provide you with insights, guidance, and best practices to unleash the full potential of electronic signatures in your organization.

The Contract Signing Process: Everything you need to know

In this article, we'll walk you through all key aspects of the contract signing process. From preparing for the important event to understanding each stage of the signing process, we've got all of your needs covered. You'll also learn how technology is changing, simplifying and modernizing contract signing like never before.

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How Does Digital Contract Signing Work? ‍

In this article, we take a closer look at the practice of digital contract signing today. We'll explain how this process works, discuss the various technologies you can use to digitally sign contracts, and give you an insight into the future of this method.

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Signature Policy: Your Key to Trust and Authenticity in the Digital World

In this article, we look at the fascinating history of signatures, from traditional ink on paper to complex digital codes. As signatures have adapted to the digital age, there is now a crucial need for “signature guidelines.” These guidelines are essential to ensure that our digital signatures can be trusted, just as traditional signatures have always been the case.


This Is How Electronic Signature Authentication Works

In this article, we'll discuss what an electronic signature is, how important it is to authenticate electronic signatures, and what different methods can be used to authenticate.

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A Guide on Electronic Signatures: Definition and Requirements

Electronic signatures are increasingly being used as a means of identity authentication and contract binding due to the increasing popularity of remote work and virtual interactions. This means that adding your electronic signature to a document has the same legal effect as adding a physical signature.

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The best eSignature solutions for contract management

With the help of electronic signature software, companies can quickly conclude contracts with customers all over the world. This means: No more paperwork and no more waiting for physical mail. The best part is that, from a legal point of view, these signatures are just as reliable as those made with a pen.

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Digital Signatures in Sales: Top Advantages Revealed

For various reasons, an eSignature tool can speed up the final signing process of a contract, but even before this final phase, sales teams should use eSignatures throughout their sales process.

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Electronic signatures: Everything you need to know

Digital transformation is at the top of the list of priorities for German companies. However, outdated methods continue to be used in contract processing, in particular when signing contracts, although the electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature on paper for many applications. More and more companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are therefore switching to an electronic contract system, as the time saved in processing is significant and risks can be eliminated at the same time.

Closeup of the feather of a fountain pen on wooden background. vs. Docusign: What Are the Differences?

Are you looking for a reasonable DocuSign alternative that offers an all-in-one contract automation platform? Software that gives you access to a wide range of features that the legal team should have to work faster and scale?

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Why Electronic Signatures Count in Contract Management

The EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions equates a qualified electronic signature to a handwritten signature in terms of legal effect. This marked the start of simplifying many processes, as early as 2016. This article aims to show some of the many advantages of electronic signatures compared to traditional paper delivery for companies.

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