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Rechtssicherheit und Effizienz: Die rechtliche Betrachtung von CLM-Software und Vertragsvorlagen

Willkommen in unserer Kategorie Legal, wo wir wichtige Themen rund um Recht und rechtliche Aspekte in Unternehmen behandeln. Hier finden Sie fundierte Informationen, Tipps und Ressourcen zu rechtlichen Fragestellungen, Compliance, Vertragswesen und vielem mehr. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie rechtliche Herausforderungen bewältigen und Ihr Unternehmen auf solide rechtliche Grundlagen stellen können.

DORA compliance through strategic contract management: A guide for financial firms

Learn how financial companies can achieve DORA compliance through strategic contract management to strengthen digital resilience in the financial sector.

Contract Termination: Everything You Need to Know

This article discusses the concept of contract termination, the legal reasons for it, the steps involved, and the importance of well-formulated termination clauses.

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Mastering Framework Agreements: Key Strategies and Legal Insights

In today's fast-paced business world, the need for efficient and flexible procurement strategies has never been greater. Framework agreements stand out as a powerful tool in this regard.

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Willingness to Pay and Better Contracts - How Are They Related?

Each time a party enters into a contractual agreement, it must determine the value it attaches to the item or service, which is referred to as its willingness to pay. The willingness to pay is therefore the driving force that determines the terms of a contract.

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Compliance in Sales: Using Risk Management and Building Trust

Learn how companies can proactively comply with regulatory standards and effectively manage risks to not only protect their operations, but also strengthen their credibility, integrity, and long-term success in a competitive sales environment.


Signing an NDA: What You Should Know Before Signing

Signing confidentiality agreements (NDAs) involves the process by which both parties agree to the terms so as not to disclose sensitive information. Before signing, stakeholders usually carefully review the content to ensure they understand the requirements and consequences. Once signed, the parties are legally required to comply with the conditions set out in the NDA.

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Software License Agreement — Everything You Need to Know

This article aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of software license agreements. We'll look at the main components of a typical agreement, explain the different types of licenses, and discuss key considerations when negotiating or accepting a software license.

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The Most Important Contracts for Formal Communication With Investors

In the daring world of startups, where visionary ideas boldly venture into unknown waters, formal communication proves to be the reliable beacon that provides security on stormy nights. It bridges the gap between the need for financing, the thirst for expertise, the intensive search for investor visibility and the sheer overwhelming need to keep an eye on your core business while navigating the dense forest of complex documents. Formal communication is more than just a supporter; it is the architect of solid investor relationships, the interpreter for a clear exchange of information, and the watchman who prevents misunderstandings. This makes it the key to the complex puzzle of startup success.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Free Template to Download

A service level agreement template is a valuable tool for companies and organizations that want to establish reliable and sustainable service relationships with their customers. By using our free downloadable template, companies can customize a comprehensive SLA that specifically meets their needs, builds trust, and sets clear expectations for all parties involved.

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Free Employment Contract Template - Customize and Download

Would you like to hire a new employee but are not sure how to draw up an employment contract? Use an employment contract! By using a ready-made template, you save time and simplify the process of creating a legally binding agreement with your new employee. Our free template covers all essential details, including job duties, compensation, benefits, and termination policies.

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Evaluating Service Level Agreements: The 8 Best SLA Metrics

In this article, we explain the importance of Service Level Agreements (SLA) and their benefits for service providers and customers alike. We'll also discuss the importance of regularly evaluating service level agreements and share some of the best SLA metrics.

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License Agreements Explained: Definition, Models and Liability Provisions

This article breaks down the key parts of license agreements so you can be sure you understand them when it's time to sign them.

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Things to Look Out for When Creating SaaS Contracts

Over the last few years, Software as a Service (SaaS) has established itself as a term for the temporary use of software provided by a provider via an Internet connection. The software can usually be accessed via the provider's servers using a web browser. A local installation does not take place during this process.

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Basics of the Service Certificate: An Overview of Everything Important

A service certificate is a complex document that regulates a range of services within the framework of a software project. The structure of a service certificate is not regulated by law, but attention should be paid to a few points mentioned in this article. Your product range essentially determines the form of the service certificate.

How to Find the Top SaaS Lawyer for Your Business

The year is 2023, and dependence on cloud-based products and services is increasing day by day. Software as a Service, or SaaS for short, is becoming increasingly popular as it offers end users more convenience by no longer having to install and host the tools directly on their devices before they can be used. As a result, SaaS agreements play an important role in setting the ground rules for relationships between SaaS providers and customers.

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Data Processing in Business: Your Guide to Success

The contract agreement is a necessary evil that affects companies in the area of data processing. In the worst case scenario, processing without a contract means liability for the processor as the person responsible for the processed data. The following article discusses order processing and which factors need to be considered when creating it from a practical point of view.

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Identifying and Combating Plagiarism: A Comprehensive Guide

The following example: Your own company offers a successful item that is not technically innovative or even an invention, but is selling well due to its design. In our example, this design has not been registered as a design in the (German or European) register. They suddenly find out that this product was copied by competitors and is offered for sale on various platforms at a significantly lower price because it was manufactured in a lower quality.

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Lawyer Contract: Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Law firms regularly use standardized law contracts to facilitate client processing and to provide clarity for the client. However, the case law of recent years shows that rigid wording and general framework agreements with clients, in particular with regard to agreed fees, entail the risk of falling back on statutory fees.

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Received a Formal Notice? This Is the Right Way to Handle It!

Many companies and companies are asking themselves, even in times of crisis, how do I deal with a warning? The situation is every entrepreneur's nightmare. On an otherwise successful working day, you will receive an email from an association or a law firm with which you have not been in contact before. What begins with the happy expectation of a new business transaction then ends with great disillusionment. You or your company are accused of violating competition rules and are being asked to submit a declaration of injunctive relief.

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