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Contract Negotiation 101: How to Close Better Deals Faster

In all areas of life, negotiation is a skill that has been practiced for centuries. Negotiating is important in business, especially when it comes to contracts. It distinguishes companies from one another and often determines the success or failure of business transactions.

Most people agree that contract negotiations can be exhausting, especially when it comes to business. That's because a lot depends on a fair agreement: it can increase the profitability of the company and promote better relationships and collaboration between partners.

It is therefore critical that you know the actual definition of contract negotiations, know how contract parameters help you close more deals, and know the most successful negotiation strategies.

What is a Contract Negotiation?

One of the most important stages in the life of a contract is negotiation. At this stage, the parties must:

  • Have conversations
  • Negotiating critical contract terms
  • Make an agreement that benefits both parties in their business partnership.

When discussing the terms of the contract, the parties also define their responsibilities and make arrangements for any risks and liabilities.

How Can Contract Parameters Help You Close Deals?

Contracts contain all information that is contained in a business agreement. When you know the parameters, you can better negotiate with current and potential partners and reach more favorable agreements.

If you don't thoroughly evaluate and understand your contract parameters, this could have the following consequences:

  • Non-specific clauses that do not produce the desired results
  • Lack of protection against termination consequences and liabilities
  • Outdated wording that does not comply with new regulations or laws
  • There is no fixed contract life cycle.

Uncertainty about contract parameters is the cause of some of these problems. When you do not have immediate access to your contracts during the negotiation process, you are at a disadvantage because you can't look at previous contracts to get a feel for what an appropriate offer is.

This Article tells you more about the definition, the most important terms and the use of contract parameters.

How Do You Find the Best Interest of Your Counterparty?

1. Understand your customer's perspective

  • The best advice for negotiating contracts is to make sure you and your client are on the same page. Understanding the customer's point of view will have a significant impact on your discussion. That means doing more than just that for the customer.

2. Find out the terms of your own contracts

  • Get familiar with every detail of your contract, especially with the more complex clauses so that you can explain to the customer why you're not willing to negotiate or why it would be expensive to do so.

3. Show more value than costs

  • Even though it's not always about the price, could it be that a customer asks for a negotiation just to ensure they are receiving value from you? Therefore, it would be wrong to keep focusing solely on costs instead of highlighting the important features of your offering.

How to Win a Negotiation

Learning the skills needed to negotiate successfully will definitely pay off, as it is a crucial part of running a business. To improve your negotiation skills, consider the following:

Be transparent and honest

  • The most fruitful partnerships between two independent companies come about when both parties are completely open and honest with each other. Transparency promotes mutual trust, which leads to greater confidence when working together and promoting each other's businesses.

Find or create a win-win situation

  • The negotiation process encourages participants to use their negotiation skills to create a find a range of options that both parties can agree to, instead of settling for the first solution that both parties can accept.

Listen carefully

  • Sometimes, it's best to stay calm and pay attention. This can help you understand the goals and interests of the other party during contract negotiations. To actively listen, you must take the time to absorb and understand what the other person is saying, and not just listen.

Fostering long-term relationships

  • Always keep an eye on the big picture and aim for long-term business relationships rather than rapid success when negotiating. By following the suggestions above, you can ensure that the other party leaves the negotiation satisfied with the outcome, creating a polite and positive tone that promotes future business relationships.
Here is an article from Harvard Business Review, which deals with strategic negotiation techniques.

How Contract Management Software Can Help With Contract Negotiations

We've presented some tips and tricks for good negotiations in this article, but did you know that there is one more step you can take to improve your negotiation skills? And that with the help of contract management software.

The following are the advantages of using contract software for negotiations

1. Contract software positions you for successful contract negotiations

  • Shorten the time required for completing the first draft of the contract so that the other party can amend the contract or present new conditions during negotiations

2. A contract management system automates processes and enables growth to be accelerated

  • The processes required before, during, and after the negotiation can be automated with the help of contract software. This includes obtaining an eSignature via a single tool and providing automated alerts to all parties involved in contracts. In this way, companies can streamline the contract negotiation process and make it more effective.

3. Real-time changes enable more cooperative contract negotiations for your team

  • When working internally with your employees, enable the contract software from to facilitate collaboration before finalizing the draft contract. This way, if you need to make changes to the content, you can do so internally first.

4. Contract archives enable you to store data centrally

  • When two companies start contract negotiations, the goal should be to establish a contractual partnership. This is only possible if contract management is transparent and user-friendly. For this reason, provides a central repository that the team and other parties can access at any time. You can store, search, and manage all of your documents in one place.


To make good deals, you have to negotiate effectively. And successful negotiations depend on effective strategies. Note that companies that use well-thought-out strategies outperform their competitors.

When negotiating, a proactive approach can bring great benefits. A useful tool that can make this approach easier is contract management software.

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